The Tree of Life is a cremation and an ash-burial service for people who choose a new and beautiful alternative for their passing. Open to followers of all religions as well as atheists, the company will offer cremation service and planting of the ash with a tree in a Memorial Park instead of a cemetery.

The identity should look professional, trustworthy and honourable but not be surrounded with death and sorrow like funeral homes tend to appear in the public eye. The Tree of Life is something new; a place to celebrate life and remembering lost ones with warmth and gratitude but at the same time being able to watch a new life grow from the one that got lost.

The symbol consist of a tree growing out of an ash urn, with a treetop on top, forming a cycle (of life), and roots at the bottom. Furthermore, the symbol refers to a fingerprint, as each tree planted nourishes from the ash of the passed person.

The logo won a gold price at the Art director’s club of Iceland (FÍT) in 2020.

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