Together in collaboration with Aron Freyr Heimisson we designed a wool blanket for Mikado.

The Mōfu wool blanket is the first product by Mikado. The blanket is Icelandic, made in Reykjavík from 100% Icelandic wool, but the name comes from Japanese and simply means “blanket”. In this way, the blanket spreads itself across the borders which can be found in Mikado, between Japanese and Scandinavian design.

The pattern of Mōfu is designed by Mikado and the production is in the hands of Varma in Reykjavík. The choice of materials combines the heritage of Icelandic craftsmanship and quality. Reliable, warm, beautiful - Icelandic wool is a luxurious material that has provided shelter and increased comfort in Iceland since the beginning of the settlement.

Photos by Hörður Sveinsson and Sunday & White Studio.

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